it's fundamentally important to us that our CEO is at the forefront of everything we do. 


Why are you so different in comparison to other marketing firms?

We pay attention to all of the tiny details that are important. Whether it be our customers, consumers or clients; we know how important every single individual is to our future growth and development so we invest time and effort into every person. 

How do you guarantee a 100% return on investment?

We work alongside habits and systems which are successful for results. We have worked alongside numerous clients in a wide variety of industries, and guess what? We give them high quality results time and time again. This is why we have the ability to grow so fast and are the most expanding team in all of Atlanta. 

How do I apply to work with Savage?

Get in contact by emailing the head of our Human Resources Department - Alexandra. Her email address can be found below. Be sure to attach your resume, the position you're interested and any other relevant information. 

Not sure what position is right for you? That's okay. Check out our careers page for more information. 


How do you have a fair approach in comparison to other marketing firms?

We give every client and employee exactly what they need - time. We train up the right people to be campaign managers to take on our clients, this way they understand every element of the industry. For our employees, your progression is based on the hard work and determination you put in. If you put in more effort than others you will progress faster as we have a 100% no seniority policy. 

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Our Quality Guarantee

No one appreciates being a statistic, so we make sure every client and consumer get what they deserve: time, attention to detail, knowledge and respect. Our ability to cover off any queries and questions creates a personal relationship and contact to maintain that relationship in the future.